Searching for information

Along with your daily digest and the articles you can see on the first page, you can also search, at any time, for any information of interest which may sit inside IBIS database.

Most of the relevant information is sitting under the keep, and alert articles. Every day, the moderators of IBIS look through the raw information and decide which information should be kept and which should be discarded. An example of discarded information is that one day, the search for avocado pests and disesases picked up someone’s recipe on how to cook avocado. As interesing as that may be, it was no use for assessing threaths and therefore it went into the trash pile.

So generally you can click all three options: alert, promoted and keep, or leave that blank if you wish to include all articles in your search.

You can also select a date range for your search, or leave it blank (by selecting any) if you wish to find all articles which have ever been picked up by IBIS for that particular subject.

A great feature of IBIS is that you can also save this search and include it in your daily digest. 

When you finished selecting your choices, don’t just hit enter, instead please press the search button (yellow). Pressing enter will revert your search to the previous search settings.

If you wish to start a new search on different terms, press first the reset button.