Details Discovered at:… Original French, English translation Sites: IBIS PH Publish date: Wed 2015-Jul-29 Author: avec AFP Channel: Search engines Text (summary): The Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll will visit Corsica tomorrow for a visit devoted to the killer bacterium Xylella fastidiosa olive trees whose presence was detected on the island last […]

Details Discovered at:… Sites: IBIS PH Publish date: Wed 2015-Apr-29 Author: Illegal workers at Redcliffe construction site Channel: Search engines Text (summary): Two far north Queensland banana farms quarantined after the discovery of Panama disease have been given the go ahead to resume operations. Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Bill Byrne said after almost […]

Details Discovered at: Sites: IBIS PH Publish date: Tue 2016-Mar-8 Author: Carly Baldwin Channel: Search engines Text (summary): Woodbridge, NJ – It’s about the size of a cooked grain of rice, and it’s causing havoc in certain New Jersey towns. We’re talking about the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species of beetle that is […]

Details Alert sent: Yes Sites: AH Publish date: Sat 2011-Oct-29 Channel: Pests/diseases Text (summary): Facendo doppio click su una qualsiasi parola presente nell’articolo, sar vocalizzata la pronuncia corretta e visualizzata la definizione della parola e i suoi sinonimi e contrari, cos come sono stati pubblicati all’interno dei Dizionari Zanichelli. Per ogni parola verranno citati anche […]

Details Alert sent: No Sites: AH Publish date: Thu 2014-Mar-20 Channel: Pests/diseases Text (summary): Volume 20, Number 4—April 2014 Dispatch Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Southern Coastal Region of China, 2007–2012 Article Contents The Study Conclusions Acknowledgments References Figure Table 1 Table 2 Suggested Citation Yinghui Li, Xu Xie, Xiaolu Shi, Yiman Lin, Jin Mou, Qiongcheng Chen, Yan […]