Details Discovered at:… Original Spanish, English translation Sites: IBIS PH Publish date: Fri 2015-Mar-27 Channel: Search engines Text (summary): The Auditorium Hall (Building Rector) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia will host the 5th and May 6th, 2015, the celebration of Technical-Scientific Meeting organized by PHYTOMA-Spain on “Ecology and control of Drosophila suzukii after […]

Details URL: Origin URL Sites: IBIS AH Publish date: Wed 2015-Dec-30 Author: Raquel Hendrickson Channel: Search engines Text (summary): One of the consequences of winter weather in Maricopa is the die-off of warm-water fish in the lakes. Resident Tarajee Taylor noted tilapia floating in the lake at Pacana Park. See her video Parks Manager Mike […]

Details Sites: IBIS AH Publish date: Fri 2014-Mar-14 Channel: Search engines Text (summary): March 13, 2014 Thailand Daniel Gruenberg on EMS With all the shrimp farms in the world, why am I the only one talking about early mortality syndrome (EMS)?  This has baffled me since the beginning.  In Thailand, in early 2013, I predicted […]

Details Discovered at:… Sites: IBIS PH Publish date: Tue 2015-Mar-31 Author: Charlie McKillop Channel: Industry Text (summary): Updated March 31, 2015 16:35:41 Queensland’s new Agriculture Minister says he is starting to realise the full impact of biosecurity cuts. Following the detection of Panama disease in far north Queensland, Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne has ordered […]

Details Alert sent: No Sites: PH Publish date: Wed 2013-Sep-18 Author: Channel: Pests/diseases Text (summary): A viral disease has reduced banana yield by up to 60 per cent, say researchers at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology who have come up with a technique to eliminate the attack. A team from the university’s bitechnology […]