CGMMV detection at Berrimah Research Farm


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Fri 2016-Feb-26


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Two separate areas have been placed under quarantine at Berrimah Research Farm following the confirmed detection of Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus.

Acting DPIF Chief Executive Ian Curnow said these sites will be treated exactly the same as any other premises infected by CGMMV in the Northern Territory.

‘This detection will not affect the ability of NT growers to trade produce interstate or the arrangement to lift quarantine for NT growers in late February 2016.’

Mr Curnow said the Department takes biosecurity very seriously, maintaining faith and confidence in our own biosecurity practices is vital.

‘An independent investigator will be appointed to examine DPIF’s biosecurity policies and procedures following this detection. Industry and relevant stakeholders will have input into developing the terms of reference for this investigation.

‘Any recommendations from the independent investigator about better or more effective biosecurity processes will be shared with industry stakeholders.’


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Northern Territory Government Newsroom

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26 Feb 2016

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10 Feb 2016


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