Creating a new account

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If you are new to IBIS and wish to sign up, you can choose to register from the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Please enter your account details such as desired username and your email address. You may also notice there is also a drop down menu about groups. These are communities of interest in IBIS. If you are not sure which group you want to belong to or you are only interested in general information please ignore selecting the group. Since IBIS is under construction there will be more groups coming up and you can always start your own group after you have signed up.

To help us differentiate genuine applications from spam, we strongly suggest you enter a few words about your interest in IBIS. This will help us process the information faster.

And last but not least, enter the CAPTCA question you can see on your screen,  

Then press create new account. A moderator at the other end will go through your application and we aim to have you signed up as soon as possible. Usually the process does not last longer than one day.

Welcome aboard IBIS!